Lightweight web and mobile financial applications creating

From trivial peer-to-peer funds transactions to microlending service portals

About the Company

The Codein company is a small team of professionals who are very enthusiastic about their business. Everyone is a personality and everybody has his or her own list of competences, that helps forming a powerful team that can do complex and demanding projects.

Yes, we do have our favorite projects and then we have projects that are “nothing personal, just business” for us. But we are always fully involved in all of our projects because we are only satisfied with nothing less of a fully completed job and a happy customer – those constitute one of the main conditions of our existence.

Our experience

Codein team has a great experience in creating of diverse financial software.
Our developers participated in following systems creation:

Our level of involvement depends on the certain project. It can consist of:

  • business requirements collection, analytics and user scenario creation;
  • whole system creation or standalone parts and modules creation;
  • anticrisis intrusion to live project, review and fix of application architecture, code stabilization performing;
  • live service infrastructure maintenance.

Projects performed by Codein

Projects Codein developers has been participated

online banking system

mobile app for payments cards management

microloan service

Our expertise

We have faced with different challenges during our previous projects, in business and technical area.
Our expertise is a product of solvation of mentioned problems and this expertise is the most precious part in services that we can provide to you.

We have completed a lot of microservices during our projects realization:

  • we have done integration of several payment gateways of banking and nonbanking financial organisations
  • we have done integration of external financial services providers
  • we have developed the universal API for external integration: partners terminals, web and mobile front is supported
  • we’ve developed payment profiles and special management tools for it
  • we’ve developed security profiles and special management tools for it
  • we’ve implemented geotargeting-based services
  • we’ve created scoring module
  • we’ve implemented operation atomization approach to increase significantly system reliability
  • we have prepared plenty of systems for PCI DSS certification
  • our specialists have prepared full pack documentation for National Bank of Ukraine certification

If you really want to create fintech business, Codein Software is better choice as a contractor for your software creation.

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Technology description

Programming languages:

C# ASP ASP.NET SQL XML\XSLT Java Visual Basic VBA Visual C++ HTML CSS VBScript JavaScript DHTML PHP

Database management systems:

MS SQL Server Oracle MS Access MySQL MongoDB

Software technologies:

.NET ADO ASP.NET WebAPI 2 Dependency Injection (Ninject) OWIN middleware TPL RESTfull services SOAP Web Services AngularJS SOAP Web Services Rabbit MQ

Software design:

OOP/OOD UML Essential and Enterprise Design Patterns